Gantry Crane Safety Operation Procedures


Before working, the Gantry crane should make the inspection to brake, hooks, wire rope and safety device parts according to the requirement .if abnormal phenomenon,  ruled out.

1, Each shift workers in lifting heavy objects for the first time (or load reaches maximum weight), should be restore the weight down after hanging from the ground 0.5 meters high , and check whether the brake performance is reliable, after  confirmed , normal operations.
2,The operator in the gantry crane operations, should ring the alarm in accordance with the provisions .
3,  the driver  should operate the crane  according to the unified regulation of command signal in the crane operation, action will not be accepted.
4,  suddenly loses power for working gantry crane ,the driver  should put all of the crane controller handles at “zero” position, check whether the crane operation is normal, after confirmation,  normal  operation.