IN 2002

On April 28, 2002, first phase of factory construction started, with investment if 25,000,000 yuan.

In 2003~2004

second phase of extension project, with investment of more than 30,000,000 yuan. Extended more than 60000 square meters production place, includes 15,000 square meters standard workshop and r&d center.

IN 2005~2006

second phase of extension project. Extended more than 15,000 square meters production place, and added large-tonnage, large span crane project. Purchased Jinhua Crane Company and builded 5 standard steel structure workshop. The products developed into 5 big series, and more than 50 types.

IN 2007~2008

second phase of extension project. Invested 5,000,000 yuan to build the modern and multi-functional canteen, office building, etc. Invested 2,300,000 yuan for building of 5,000 square meters workshop. Invested 1,500,000 for building of modern hoist painting production line. Invested 900,000 for purchasing large shot blasting machine, straight-line cutting machine, etc.

IN 2005

fifth phase of extension project and reconstruction of old factory which invested 120,000,000 yuan for building of over 50,000 square meters steel structure workshop, with a machine processing center equipped with modern advanced digital controlled lathe. The building and using of the fifth project, improved the production condition and environment greatly, and made the efficiency and production raised 25%~30%. It made the products types raise from 50 to more than 80, which was a new milestone for our great-leap-forward development.

In 2010

large steel uncoilen levellers, floor-type milling machines, etc, was purchased, which make our double beam webs under 50 tons realized seamless. Songda, Tianqi two companies were purchased and built extension production line of Tepu (Henan) Crane Co., Ltd, which has 1000 tons cast steel production branch office. And 1500 mu yellow river beach was developed and built Green Farm of Henan Mining Group.

IN 2012

we cooperated with Beijing Crane Machinery Design and Research Institute in demo project of Quality Benchmarking and built national class “Industrial Products Quality Standard” company. We passed onsite check from General Armaments Department for general equipment and maintenance equipment contractors, and acquire permit of providing products for national defense and arm force. We signed strategic cooperation agreement with Nowei Crane Machinery(Suzhou) Co., Ltd.

In 2013

we passed approvement of quality, environment, occupational health, from China Quality Mark Certification Group.

IN 2014

the initial order of large-tonnage cranes for Baosteel Group passed A check. We was honored as “Chinese Industrial Standard Quality Enterprise” of 2004. Our double beam production workshop has taken shape.

In 2015

we signed strategic cooperation agreement with Demage (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Technical reform project of forging and rolling wheels was finished. European double girder production line construction started in an all-round way.