The Classification Of the Electric Hoist


Electric hoist is a small-sized lifting equipment. Most electric hoist is used by people follow the manipulation button in the ground, or can be in the driver room controlling or use cable (wireless) remote control. The classification of the electric hoist is shown below:

1, From the composition, electric hoist is mainly composed by motor, drive mechanism and the drum or sprocket, can be divided into wire rope electric hoist and chain electric hoist.
2, The link chain electric hoist can be divided into the import and the domestic;
3, wire rope electric hoist have model CD1, MD1.
4, In addition, the mini electric hoist, hoist, multifunctional elevator are also belong to the category of electric hoist.

Due to the small volume, light weight, simple operation, convenient use, etc, electric hoist are widely used in industrial and mining enterprises, storage terminals and other places.