How To Let Single-girder Crane Be Effectiveness Maximally


As the unceasing development of lifting mechanization, the widely use of equipment not only to speed up the construction progress, but also improve the construction quality. As the lifting equipment in daily use process is under the influence of various factors, which would affect the equipment operation performance, therefore, the equipment operation performance could not fully play out. In our daily construction process, how should we do to pay attention to and to make the equipment with a maximally performance?

Below is the relevant matters we should pay more attention:

1. the construction unit should have a good equipment management rules and regulations, and salso maintain the normal order of the construction of good units. Especially for the unit, whose equipment and personnel frequently changes, should establish a perfect information management system.
2. The crane manufacturers should supervise working personnel to implement equipment maintenance system, and safety operation procedures, etc., To ensure safe and reliable performance in equipment and personnel. For several units in equipment management, they often do operation with a “heavy use and light maintenance” concept, it shall bury hidden trouble to the equipment.
3. Several related working personnel do not operate the lifting equipment with standard, which will increase wear and aging of the equipment. Some units do not retain qualified driver, which would not only cause early damage to the equipment, also seriously delayed the normal construction time limit for a project

To make a long-term maximally efficiency, besides daily maintenance work, we also need to pay attention to the replacement of damage parts replacement and repair, etc., And it would avoid the safety threat before the fault.