the trend of the crane development


The trend of the crane development
1.New constructure,beautiful outlook and comprehensive

On driver, used the three in one motor. The advantage is with small volume, fast heat dissipation, light weight, low noise characteristics.
On control system, need the high reliable, low cost speed control and electric control system, to realize the semi-automatic and full automatic.

2.Big capacity, high speed,durable and specialty

Accompany the high speed development of the international economic,need the high efficiency and big capacity crane. The crane become the mail equipment of the product procedure. Not only the easily operate,maintain but also the high reliable, less defective and long none troble working time.

3. After sales service quickly, specially and humanized

Used the air connector design, and marked the diagrammer, improve the effiency of the installation and maintance, easy for trouble shooting.
Trainning not only the staff but also the customer's operator and repair person, to reduce the trouble shooting time and improve the working time.